WizardHunt – Online Contests for IT Leaders and Learners

What is a WizardHunt?

  • WizardHunts are web based "contests" where participants test their knowledge in various technologies.
  • Contestants have a chance to win prizes and also get a score report showing their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Why do companies use a WizardHunt?

  • Companies use WizardHunts to promote their company to prospective employees, customers, and consumers.
  • WizardHunt contests have been used to market application software, promote network hardware, attract members for a non-profit organization, and reach potential IT employees.
  • WizardHunt amplifies your company’s marketing and recruiting activities, differentiating your message and providing a fun call to action.

How can I get started WizardHunting?

Option 1: Co-Sponsor a Current WizardHunt

ReviewNet runs multiple IT contests every month for the WizardHunt.net community, which we sponsor to build our network of potential test authors, interviewers, and IT mentor/coaches. Companies can purchase sponsorship packages and use a currently running WizardHunt.net contest to leverage their own recruiting and talent pool development purposes.

Option 2: Run Your Own Private WizardHunt

Create your own WizardHunt contest with questions of your own choosing. When you choose a Private WizardHunt, our design team will custom build a contest for you using your own color scheme and logo keeping true to your current website and corporate branding. You get the candidate connections, we take care of the contest!

How Much Does a WizardHunt cost?

ReviewNet Annual License holders get a WizardHunt sponsorship as part of their license.

Learn more about WizardHunt.net and sponsorships, or contact us at info@reviewnet.net

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