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ReviewNet's Test Library features over 300 technologies and 20,000 questions.

The ReviewNet assessment system is powerful yet simple, and uniquely tuned to the IT hiring process. Our internet-based skill testing system has over 300 technology tests and 20,000 job focused questions, kept up to date by a network of practicing IT professionals. Check out our test library and you'll find most major (and a lot of minor) technologies used in mid-level IT positions.

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Questions Designed to Measure Real-World Skills

Our questions focus on knowledge that is important to the job AND that would be expected to be known by a qualified candidate.

The subject matter of our questions is non-trivial and does not deal with arcane facts, contrived practices, or infrequent tasks or situations.

Qualified candidates should be able to answer the questions without external reference materials. Excessive time spent on a question strongly implies “looked-up” answers.

Ongoing Quality Management of Questions

Questions and Tests go through a review process when they are developed. As questions are used in test sessions, statistics are maintained, measuring overall scores and time taken and correlation with overall test performance. The results included in the statistics pool are limited to individuals who are bona fide job applicants to insure real-world comparisons. Question and test statistics are monitored to insure ongoing question quality.

Online Answers and Explanations for Questions

All ReviewNet questions have documented answers and explanations for each answer choice, available on-line for use by recruiters and tech staff in interviewing or personal learning.

Report Metrics in All Assessments

All ReviewNet Score Reports include a summary of the candidate's overall performance on the assessment test. Included in the summary is the candidate's percentage correct, time taken, and performance compared to other test takers.

Percentile Scores and Times vs Other Qualified Test Takers

Percentile scores show how one test taker compares with others who have taken the test. If a candidate performs at the 50th percentile, that means that half of the candidates scored higher than the test taker and half scored lower. ReviewNet IT skill assessments are only made available to employers who use them to evaluate candidates for hire or promotion for technical positions. Candidates and the general public are not able to purchase ReviewNet skill assessments. Thus the pool of test results is made up only of candidates who are already considered to be qualified technical professionals, giving companies a clear and true comparison of candidates as they relate to the market for IT professionals.

Strength and Weaknesses by Topic

Each ReviewNet skills assessment results report has a section detailing the candidate's skill level for each topic in the assessment, and a proficiency rating (the RNScore) for each topic with a high/low range of error. The Strengths and Weaknesses section is useful for deciding focus areas in an interview following the test.

Score and Time Taken for Each Question

The time taken to answer each question is also displayed in ReviewNet Test Results. ReviewNet questions are designed to be answered without external resources, and most should be answered in under 90 seconds. If there are many questions with excessive time spent on them, you should suspect some external referencing is being done.

User-Provided Skill Ratings

Allows test taker to provide a self-rating of their skill level for each topic in the assessment. Very helpful input for the interview to follow.

Special Report Metrics and Assessment Types


User Created Multi-Skill Customizable Tests that are Tailored to Match Your Job Positions

ReviewNet allows companies to easily create their own multi-skill test that reflects the exact needs of their job and evaluates multiple IT skills within a single assessment. This custom test, called a ReviewNet FlexSpec, requires no programming and can be easily setup and administered by the customer. The customized FlexSpec assessment can also be saved and reused to assess multiple candidates applying for the position, providing the hiring manager with a precise assessment tailored to the exact needs of the job.


Keep Remote Test Takers Honest

Option to create a “re-test” for an existing test session, choosing only those questions that were originally answered correctly and quickly. Confirm the authenticity of remotely administered sessions in just a few minutes.

Private Library of Assessments and Questions

Create Tests and Questions Just for Your Company, Starting with our Questions and Tests

Using our authoring tools, you can easily copy and modify any of our 20,000 questions to fit your exact needs. You can take one of our assessments, copy it, and make modifications, changing the ReviewNet-provided questions or adding you own. Combine your custom questions with existing ReviewNet content to make assessments that match your job needs, with minimal effort.

Add Interview Questions to ReviewNet Assessments

Let your IT staff add their interview questions into your companies private library, then add them to other ReviewNet assessments.

Use Your Own Web-Based Library of Private Assessments and Questions

All customer-created questions and assessments are stored in an on-line web library under the control of the customer. Access to edit your custom questions is limited to the individual author, and shared with other users in your company. Your questions, surveys and assessments are not viewable by other ReviewNet customers.

The ReviewNet System

Streamlined Session Setup

Job Position Templates Make Setting Up Multiple Sessions Quick and Easy

Conducting repeatable testing sessions for 2 to 2,000 candidates is easy with ReviewNet's job position template.

Every test session is initialized with the defaults and parameters in a Job Position template. The job position holds default values for the screening process, including the test, the options for the test, such as time limits, the report format, the inclusion of custom surveys, who should receive the results, and many other options.

Companies can have any number of job positions, allowing complete control over the assessment process.

Secure Access to System Functions

The ReviewNet system controls access to information and functions by assigning each user a specific role:

  • Candidates can take test sessions assigned to them.
  • Interviewers can see the details of test sessions where they have been assigned as the Interviewer.
  • Customer Administrators can add candidates and interviewers, create Job Position templates and use them to set up test sessions for candidates, and see all test results for their customer unit.
  • Authors have access to the ReviewNet Authoring System, and can create and edit questions, tests and organize their content in a private knowledgebase.

Automatic and On-Demand Email Reporting

ReviewNet evaluation email reports are automatically delivered to assigned users when the test session is completed, and can be resent at any time by authorized users. ReviewNet evaluation email reports can be customized by the user to include only the information desired to send to the specific recipient.

Assessments ResultsBase

All results are maintained in an online database that is available to authorized users. Complete results are maintained for each assessment session, right down to the individual question performance for an individual. Drill down to see the answers and explanations of questions in any assessment.

Authoring System

The ReviewNet Authoring System allows users to create their library of questions and tests using the tools that ReviewNet has used internally for years to build our KnowledgeBase of 20,000 questions.

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