ReviewNet License Plans - Features

System Features


Select Unlimited

Premium Unlimited

Comprehensive Reporting

Online and Email Reporting

Facilitates Structured Technical Interviewing

Job Position Template

For Streamlined Setup of Multiple Sessions

Self Assessment

Collect Additional Data from Candidates

Record Interviewer Evaluations

Assessments Made Available to Employers Only

Answers and Explanations for Questions

Available to Interviewers


Easily Built, Multi-Technology Tests Customized for Your Job Positions

Instant Interviewer

Phone Interviews Powered with Your Visual Interview Questions

Multiple Author and Interviewer Licenses Included


Use and Copy Existing ReviewNet Questions

Customize ReviewNet's Existing Questions to Your Specific Needs, Create Custom Assessments Combining Our Questions with Your Own, and More

Test Titles Included


Select Unlimited

Premium Unlimited

Standard Assessments

Includes Over 600 Technical Assessments

Premium Test Titles


20,000+ Technical Questions


Comparative Statistics

Based on Qualified Candidates

Unlimited Use of a Single Standard Test Title


Unlimited Use of All Standard Test Titles


No Minimum Requirement

Starting at $19/Month

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Starting at $59/Month

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