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Thank you for your interest in ReviewNet's IT skills assessment solutions. The following test drives will give you an idea of how ReviewNet works from the candidate and client perspectives. To get a sample results report, select either the Programming Aptitude Demo or the Weather Fundamentals Demo.

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 Java 6

Includes samples of Java Fundamentals, Collections and Generics, JMX and JDBC, Programming Design, and Object Oriented Programming.

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 Cisco Network Administrator

Includes items such as IP Routing Protocols, Network Addressing, Security, and Troubleshooting.

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 Programming Aptitude Test

Includes question on logic, math ability, sequencing, and pseudocode examples.

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 Weather Fundamentals

For the non-technical, just to give you an idea of how you can build your own assessments on your own unique skill requirements.

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A Full Demo Session can be requested by a qualified employer to view a full current ReviewNet assessment. ReviewNet Skills Assessments are not sold or made available to candidates.

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