ReviewNet Corporation was founded in 1997 with the mission of helping companies make better staffing decisions involving IT personnel. The company's initial products and services were focused on pre-employment skills testing of IT personnel but have since expanded into all dimensions of IT personnel management.

ReviewNet Corporation now provides solutions that help companies attract, recruit, screen, interview, test, train, and retain personnel in a wide variety of technologies. All of ReviewNet Corporation products and services are delivered via the Internet, providing customers with a simple, comprehensive and universally accessible portal for IT staffing solutions.

ReviewNet Corporation skills assessment applications are powered by a KnowledgeBase of IT interview and assessment questions maintained and enhanced by a network of leading technology specialists. Our test development team involves a large network of experts in all reaches of Information Technology. We are bolstering our network with additional authors, technology directors, and technical questions reviewers and providing mechanism for our team to shape our skills tests and carry on dynamic discussions to keep up with what is going on in technology today.

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