Aptitude Assessments

ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test

The ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test (PAT) is designed to help employers hire entry level programmers, and measures a candidate’s abilities to learn and apply the skills necessary to be a successful programmer. The PAT has been used to evaluate over 15,000 entry level candidates and has been predictively validated by licensed industrial psychologists. The PAT includes sections covering logic, problem solving, math, sequences and patterns, and a major section on pseudocode to measure basic programming aptitude without requiring knowledge of a specific programming language.

Sample Patterns and Colors Question

The ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test is available in both US and UK English Versions.

System Aptitude Test

The System Aptitude Test is a version of our original Programmer Aptitude Test without the pseudocode. This test includes sections covering logic, problem solving, arithmetic, sequences, and patterns.

Behavioral Assessments

Workplace Success Profile®

Hire reliable workers with the Workplace Success Profile Assessment. Recruiters and hiring managers often know exactly what they need for new entry-level hires: people who are reliable, hard-working, and work well with others. However, the challenge is figuring out the best way to do it. We have an assessment that can help make hiring for these competencies much easier.

Hire Reliable Workers

The Solution: A valid measure of what a successful worker looks like that is also quick and easy to administer

The Workplace Success Profile is intended to measure the baseline, required-upon-entry behavioral competencies of new hires.
  • Designed to be appropriate across all entry-level jobs and industries
  • Quickly administer to job candidates
  • Appropriate reading level set for entry level and individual contributor roles
  • Candidate reports provide detailed scores on each scale as well as interpretations and interview questions to aid recruiters and hiring managers in the talent acquisition process

Workplace Reasoning Assessment

Questions testing general cognitive skills required by most positions from entry level through supervisor levels, including, understanding numerical data, reading comprehension, understanding charts, diagrams and graphs and the ability to reason logically.

Management Success

This test measures supervisor and management candidates' ability to Demonstrate Interpersonal Effectiveness, Demonstrate Performance Orientation and Drive, Influences Others, Manage Business Complexity, and Manage People and Resources.

Professional Success

This test measures professional level candidates' ability to Adapt and Lead in Change, Develop Customer Focused Solutions, Demonstrate Interpersonal Effectiveness, Demonstrate Performance Orientation and Drive, and Influences Others.

Core Abilities

This test measures fundamental cognitive competencies that are important for individual contributor roles. Specifically, this assessment focuses on following procedures; using information, basic math and reading, and reasoning; using tables, graphics and charts; writing and proofing skills; and detail-oriented skills related to grammar, punctuation and business language use.

Customer Service Success

This test measures several critical competencies that drive success in front line customer-facing roles, including demonstrating respect, self-management, conscientiousness, maintaining composure, and service orientation.

Employee Retention

This test measures front line candidates' likelihood of avoiding withdrawal behaviors such as unexcused absence and turnover by assessing their conscientiousness, integration with career and organization, their perceived fit with job and organization/task-relevant confidence, their intentions to stay if hired, the perceived availability of other work alternatives, and their level of risk taking versus risk aversion.

Employee Risk

This test measures several critical competencies that indicate risk taking avoidance by employees in front line roles, including conscientiousness, demonstrating respect, and candidness. As employee risk can be interpreted so broadly, it is strongly recommend that this test be applied in the context of a local validation study.

Global Competency

This test measures several critical competencies that drive success in front line roles, including adaptability, influence, achievement orientation, self management, team orientation, conscientiousness, service orientation, maintaining composure, and candidness.

Guest Service

This test measures several critical competencies that drive success in hospitality and gaming roles including Achievement Orientation, Attendance/Turnover Risk, Conscientiousness, Demonstrates Respect, Quality Orientation, and Service Orientation.

Healthcare Service Roles

The Healthcare Service - Clinical Roles and Healthcare Service - Support Roles tests measures several critical competencies that drive success in clinical healthcare roles & supporting healthcare roles including Demonstrates Respect, Interpersonal Communication, Patient Centricity, Quality Orientation, Service Orientation. Both tests align to HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey metrics.

Industrial Success

This test measures several critical competencies that drive success in industrial and manufacturing roles, including achievement orientation, conscientiousness, interpersonal communication, quality orientation, safety, self-management, team orientation, and time management.

Professional Sales

This test measures sales candidates' Achievement Orientation and Drive, Customer Focus and Influence, Reliability and Decision Making, and Sales Ability and Fit.

The FirstView Assessment

The FirstView Assessment is a cognitive, "Big 5" personality screening test designed to screen applicants for job suitability in just 15 minutes.

FirstView is easily administered and allows you to select from 15 primary job-type reports to quickly get a basic picture of an applicants likely suitability for a position. The report narrative describes potential behavior in a job relevant context. Behavioral interviewing questions are provided for probing areas of concern.

FirstView uses the most advanced psychometric methodology, with sophisticated item construction within a proven construct of measurement. FirstView matches the accuracy of the finest 5th Generation instruments, yet requires only 15 minutes to complete. This is critical if you are using an assessment to screen large candidate groups positions that can include: Sales, Management, Healthcare, Telemarketing, Customer Service, Information Technology, Administrative and more.

FirstView Measures:

  • Rules-consistency, ability to deal with change, need for structure, ability to follow rules and policies
  • Extroversion-need to work with others, communication of enthusiasm, ability to talk or listen.
  • Assertiveness-decision making, selling and closing abilities, ability to handle confrontation, willingness to take direction from others.
  • Teaming-teamwork, collaboration with others, competitiveness.
  • Sensitivity-emotional stability, handling of criticism and feedback, dealing with stress.
  • Organization-planning, spontaneity, time management attitudes, ability to handle details.
  • Social Desirability-an internal validity scale to determine if the candidate is being frank with their answers
  • Cognitive Ability-an overall aggregate measure of cognitive skills

The Prevue Assessment

Prevue is a highly valid and reliable assessment and benchmarking system for selecting new employees, coaching current employees, and planning for retention and succession.

The Prevue Assessment is designed to help you make better hiring decisions by using information on personality, interests, abilities, and working characteristics.

Prevue Results Preview
The Prevue Assessment identifies key traits where a job candidate may not align with the job-then provides behavioral interviewing questions to probe deeper into the candidate's experience-to determine job fit suitability. Prevue provides an objective comparison of the candidate with a psychometrically sound standard of high performance.

The Prevue Assessment system is a powerful and precise method for measuring and matching work-related characteristics of people to the requirements of a position Job Match. It is a highly accurate, valid, and reliable psychometric tool used for a wide variety of human resource applications, including predicting the suitability of candidates for specific jobs, aiding the team-building process, and detailing specific information on employees' training and coaching needs. As a result, most human resource decisions made with the assistance of the Prevue system provide dramatic and immediate returns to the client organization.