ReviewNet customers have access to over 600 skill and behavioral assessments for IT, office, and industry positions from ReviewNet and our test publishing partners, including SkillCheck. SkillCheck and ReviewNet have been partners for almost 20 years, and the ReviewNet platform offers simple integration of the industry leading assessments into your hiring process.

ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test
The ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test (PAT) is designed to help employers hire entry level programmers, and measures a candidate’s abilities to learn and apply the skills necessary to be a successful programmer. The PAT has been used to evaluate over 15,000 entry level candidates and has been predictively validated by licensed industrial psychologists. The PAT includes sections covering logic, problem solving, math, sequences and patterns, and a major section on pseudocode to measure basic programming aptitude without requiring knowledge of a specific programming language.

Technical Skill Assessments
ReviewNet Technical Assessments measure the hands-on experience applying technology in real-world situations, covering over 200 technologies including database, programming, web development, networking, system administration, and software engineering. They identify strengths by technical topic area, allowing interviewers to have more productive interviews, or IT managers to focus training and development activities. Percentile and score statistics show results in relation to comparable test takers.

The FlexSpec feature in ReviewNet allow users to mix and match technical topics to fit their specific job requirements. The number of questions and difficulty level can be selected for each topic in an easy-to-use interface. FlexSpec assessments allow employers to get a great snapshot of disparate skill requirements while minimizing the candidate’s test session time.

Technical Skills Assessments

Microsoft Office Software Simulation Skills
Realistic simulations of using Microsoft Office in real world situations provide an accurate measure of on-the-job competence. Assessments for all the MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access) up through Office 2016 are available calibrated for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced skill levels.

Microsoft Office Simulation Skills

Behavioral and Cognitive – Success Profile Series and Workplace Reasoning
The Success Profiles series are validated assessments measuring the right mix of competencies for success for a variety of key job roles. Use these to aid in interviewing for specific behaviors and fit to the position. Different jobs require a different mix of strengths and behaviors. The Success Profile series includes assessments for success in Customer Service, Sales, Management, Professional Performer, and many more.

The Workplace Reasoning assessment measures cognitive abilities where analytical problem solving skills are needed. Aptitude in Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Using Information are individually assessed.

Behavioral and Cognitive Tests

Administrative and Office Skills
Assessments for evaluating competence with everyday office skills such as typing, data entry, filing, grammar, spelling provide day one confidence in hiring new employees.

Job Function and Industry Skills
Different industries have their own knowledge and skill requirements, and ReviewNet provides assessments to evaluate the current knowledge in a large number, including:
  • Accounting, Legal, Finance, and Staffing
  • Healthcare, ICD-10, Nursing, and Medical Billing
  • Call Center, Customer Service, and Food Service
  • Industrial and Light Industrial