ReviewNet Services for Your Hiring Funnel

ReviewNet is a complete set of assessments and software tools that can be applied throughout the full cycle of employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and development.

See where will ReviewNet assessment and interviewing tools can help you!

Expand Your Talent Pool
Target: Passive Candidates
Approach: Attract the passive candidates that have the skills you need with WizardHunt Contests. WizardHunt Contests engage candidates with opportunities for self-discovery and the chance to win prizes. Use WizardHunt contests to build a private talent pool of future candidates.

See examples of successful WizardHunt contests.

Engage Candidates
Target: Active and Semi-Active Candidates
Approach: Interest candidates in your company with a Secure Self-Assessment linked to your job posting or web site. Candidates get the results of an assessment tailored to your requirements, and can see how their skills match your needs before they apply.

Try out a Secure Self-Assessment here.

Pre-qualify Candidates
Target: Applying Candidates
Approach: Use one or more of our 600 assessments to conduct initial qualification of candidates, particularly for entry level knowledge workers, as part of the application process. Assessments can be automatically issued for each applying candidate, or issued after some preliminary evaluation has already been performed.

Search our library of over 600 assessments and See how easy it is to set up an assessment session.

Interview Preparation and Remote Interviewing
Target: Finalist and Semi-finalist Candidates
Approach: Use behavioral assessments and ReviewNet FlexSpec custom assessments tailored to your exact requirements to make interviewing easier, faster and more consistent. Add structure to your interview process by using assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in skills. Identify interview points regarding behavioral fit.

Let Instant Interview make your phone interviews more effective by including visually enabled content, in a structured approach. Reduce in-office interviews and increase your reach for remote candidates.

Onboarding Planning
Target: New Hires
Approach: Use behavioral assessments and ReviewNet FlexSpec custom assessments to plan the initial training needed for your new hires. Achieve rapid ramp up and productivity with well-targeted training plans.

Staff Development
Target: Existing Staff
Approach: Give your staff a roadmap to track their progress in learning new skills with custom assessments that your more experienced staff create with ReviewNet authoring tools. Most corporate learning is achieved through self-directed means outside of classes. Assessments provide the milestones for measuring self-directed learning.

See how easy it is to create custom assessments with ReviewNet Author Pro.