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Eligibility Requirements

  • I am a new ReviewNet customer.
  • I am involved in the hiring or evaluation of IT professionals, and am employed as a recruiter, interviewer of technical staff, technical / hiring manager, human resources professional or related position.
  • I will use the Testing System to evaluate personnel for employment or advancement at my organization.
  • I understand that the Testing System is designed to evaluate the hands-on experience and application of IT knowledge by candidates being evaluated for a job or position. I understand that some of the test statistics compare an individual's performance to the overall candidate pool, and that ReviewNet takes great effort to make these statistics meaningful. I will avoid using the Testing System indiscriminately, such as for testing clearly unqualified individuals, as I understand that such testing would dilute the accuracy of the overall test statistics, for me and for other users of the Testing System
  • I will not resell or give access to the Testing System to individuals outside my organization.
  • I agree to receive information via periodic emails from ReviewNet as part of my access to the Testing Service. I understand that ReviewNet will keep my contact and personally identifiable information confidential and will not disclose it to sponsors or other third parties without my consent.
  • I may purchase other services from ReviewNet, and I understand that these eligibility requirements apply to any use of the Testing System.

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