ReviewNet Testing is Now ReviewNet Consulting

Our Services

ReviewNet has practical and cost effective consulting services in two main areas:

Software Project Services with a Specialty in Property Tax Systems

ReviewNet Consulting can help you manage all aspects of implementing, developing and conversion of property tax systems, including:

  • Project Management
  • Data Conversion
  • Functional Software Testing
  • User Training and Support

IT Skill Evaluation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

ReviewNet Testing will end our automated testing services for IT skills on December 31, 2023.

For over 20 years, we have developed and delivered thousands of online tests to our clients. We have historically advocated testing as the first part of a thorough interview process for hiring IT professionals. Our tests have been a valuable tool to help guide interviewers to areas to probe or discuss with candidates.

However, we believe the time for testing is behind us. With widely available AI tools, we believe that standard tests are not as effective as the tailored questions and answers that can be developed by interviewers using AI.

That’s why we are developing a methodology to employ AI in the place of standard technology testing.

Stay tuned!